Thabo Mbeki and the Children Vol1

Thabo Mbeki and the Children Vol1

Publication Year: 2001
Pages: 37
Genre: Children’s Educational Books
©: M M Mulemfo


Masilo is really concerned about the wellbeing of the children of South Africa. It is for this reason that he had decided to educate and empower them to behave according to societal norms and values. He is well respected by many children of his birthplace where he is known as Uncle Masilo. As it is said that “charity begins at home”, he felt that it was important to start a series of educational gatherings with the children based on the life of President Thabo Mbeki. Uncle Masilo takes President Thabo Mbeki as a role model to the children of South Africa.


  • The message of this book is designed to educate and hopefully instill a sense of moral values and responsibility in our children. To illustrate this point, the author uses President Thabo Mbeki as a role model. Hopefully, children will read this book, learn a little about what President Mbeki stands for and commit themselves to positive moral values (Dr Essop G Pahad, MP; Minister in the Presidency).
  • This reference reader can be used as a reader in activities of remedial and enrichment work to dramatize and dialogue purposes (Department of Education, Free State Province).